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learning to dance again [userpic]
Challenge #1: Sell It to the Networks
by learning to dance again (fikgirl)
at December 14th, 2005 (09:31 pm)

All right, here it is, the very first, right out the door challenge:

Challenge #1: Sell It to the Networks
(or the pre-pilot stories)

Tell your tale. How and why did your character(s) come to be in Sydney? Were they actually planning on catching Flight 815 or was it a twist of fate that put them on that plane? You don't have to reveal all in this first story, you can hint at bits and pieces and leave the reader wondering. This is basically the introductory story of the characters and fandom that you want to bring in and write about.

Length: No minimum length required

Due Date: Unknown (necessary? wanted? ignore due dates? open for debate)

Challenges are not required to be fulfilled; it would be nice, but it's in no way a requirement that you answer or respond to this challenge. Although if you want to see a particular character/fandom introduced in a certain fashion, this would be the best way to do it.

Questions, comments, suggestions, reply below.

Answers to the Challenge
(Stories are listed alphabetically by title)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Quantum Leap) by sophiedb
Coming Home (Grey's Anatomy) by caele
End of a Working Vacation (Time Trax) by estirose
Not Quite So Visionary (The Dead Zone) by fikgirl
Preflight: Kenzaki (Kamen Rider Blade) by estirose
White Male Correlations (Starman/Starborn) by starborn_scribe