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Oceanic Passengers chpt. 2
by a205204 (a205204)
at August 24th, 2007 (01:30 pm)

Title: Oceanic Passengers chpt. 2

Fandom: Lost, Charmed, Desperate House wives, Jake 2.0, Smallville, the oc, x-men

Disclaimer: None of them are mine, just a fan.

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie, Lock, Pipper, Wyatt, Chris, Bree, Gaby, Carlos, Clark, Chloe, Jake Foley, Scott Summers, Alex Summers, Rogue, Marissa, Julie, and a few surprise guests.

Summary: Flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines crashes on a mysterious island, but some people were not supposed to be on that plane, will they be able to escape if they can't use their powers?, read to find out.


 Oceanic Passengers cast



Sayid walked up to Scott, "the transmitter, did you find it?" Scott handed it to him, "it's broken, it doesn't work" Sayid smiled, "I was the communications expert on the National Guard, I think I can fix it".



Scott sighed, "Well, I hope..." He turned around and saw everyone staring at them, "come with me", he took them to a deserted part of the beach, "We found the pilot, he was alive, he said we changed course after communications went down, they are searching for us, we're just not where we were supposed to be, the transmitter is our only hope to get rescued".



"I'll do my best to fix it, now to our other problem" Sayid spoke while examining the transmitter, "other problem?" Scott asked.



"we're running short on water, we have someone rationing everything to make it last, but we won't be able to go on much longer".






Bree tapped Pipper on her shoulder, "I brought you a couple of water bottles for you, the baby, your son and ..." She looked at Chris, "Cousin!" Pipper answered quickly, “thank you, are you the one in charge of rations?"



Bree nodded, "yes, I volunteered, I’ve always been good at keeping things organized" Pipper turned around to see Chris playing with Wyatt, "So, how are we, I mean, how long can we last here?"



Bree tried not to look to discouraged but her face couldn’t hide the truth and she had no choice but to tell it, "not much I'm afraid, those rescue crews better be here soon"



 Chris who was hearing their conversation decided to join in, "well, I wouldn't count on it, I heard that girl, Rogue I think, anyway, she was saying something about the rescue team; that they wouldn't be able to find us, that our only hope was that transmitter they found "Bree couldn’t help but look worried, "and who was she talking to?"



"A guy, I believe his name's Charlie"



------------Flash back------------------------------



Chris orbed into Pipper’s room "Pipper!, if you're taking Wyatt, I'm coming with you!" but Pipper continued folding clothes, "Yes, I am taking him, and no you are not!" Chris forced her to put a pair of Wyatt’s jammies down and look at him, "but what if a demon attacks?" Pipper looked at the door then back at Chris, "I'm sure phoebe and Paige can handle it"



Chris was starting to lose control while she remained her rational self, "not them, you! You know my mission here is to protect Wyatt" Pipper picked up Wyatt’s jammies again and began folding them, "we'll be fine, and if we do need help we can call you or Leo and you can orb in to save the day besides, we’ll only be gone a couple of days"






Chris stepped in front of Scott, forcing him in to eye contact, "Is it true?" Scott was caught off guard by the question, "is what true?" Chris was losing his temper, "don't play dumb, you know; that we're not getting rescued unless Sayid fixes that radio thing?"



Scott flinched at this statement, "who else knows?" Chris was glad he had made Scott nervous, "half the island by know, so it's true?"



"Yes, I'm afraid it is" Scott said in a grave voice






That night Bree entered a tent made of scrap metal and a few blankets, "How is he?" she asked.



"Not well, he's still unconscious, without Dr.Sheppard here, I’m surprised he’s still alive", Kate was sitting next to a man with a piece of the fuselage sticking out of his chest.






Next morning Pipper woke up and felt the sudden need to release her bladder of the gathered pressure that usually comes with pregnancy, she got up, saw Wyatt sleeping next to Chris, then walked into the jungle to look for a less crowded spot, she finished her business and began to walk back to the beach when she saw someone very familiar standing on her right, a black haired woman was staring at her.



"Prue?" Pipper couldn't believe her eyes, "but how?” the woman smiled at Pipper then turned around, raised her arm and pointed in to the jungle.



Pipper didn't know what to say, what to do, but before she could ask any more questions Prue started to walk in the direction she was pointing and after a few moments of hesitation Pipper went after her.






Sayid came up to Scott, "I'm finished, but the batteries are low, we have to make sure they hear us or we'll lose our only chance" Scott took the transmitter from Sayid's hands, "and how do we make sure they hear us?", Sayid pointed at the mountain behind them, "by gaining some altitude, the reception will be much clearer over there".



Scott hesitated for a moment, he'd already lost someone by taking them on an expedition, he didn't want to do it gain, he'd rather avoid the jungle if it was possible.



"I know what you're thinking, but it's our only chance, we don't have to tell anyone, we'll go, call for help and come back, no one else will come"



"I will!" Kate appeared behind them, "no you won't, you'll stay here, it's to dangerous" Scott told her but Kate didn't seem to care, "Precisely, it's dangerous and I have this!" she reached behind her waist and pulled out a gun, "where did you get that?" Scott asked, walking in front of her so none of the other survivors could see it, "the injured man in the tent, he's a federal agent" she said showing a badge to Scott, "he had it with him" she finished.



"fine, you can come, but no one else must know, I don't want risk anyone else!".






Sawyer was reading on the beach when a shadow fell over him darkening his sight, “What'd hell, Who is stupid enough to…”, Bree spoke before he could finish, “I heard you have quite a few water bottles stored away”, sawyer looked up angrily, “So what if I do? You gonna sue me porcelain doll?”



Bree was loosing her temper, “we are supposed to be rationing everything, Scott said we have to…” Sawyer got up “have to what? Sacrifice ourselves while he goes of into the jungle with the water bottles!”



“What are you talking about?” Bree asked in an impatient tone, “why don't you see for yourself doll?” he pointed towards Scott, Sayid and Kate who were walking into the jungle with water bottles in their hands, “they say they want us to make the water last, but why aren't they doing the same?” Sawyer finished”






Pipper was running after Prue but soon lost sight of her, she continued to walk in the direction Pru had pointed out, she kept her pace until a root curving out of the ground tripped her but before she reached the ground someone had grabbed her arms and was helping her get up, “Prue?” Pipper asked but then saw she was mistaking, “are you alright?” Marissa asked her, “Who's Prue?”.



Pipper didn't know what to say, “hum, well…, she's my sister”, Marissa smiled, “oh, is she around here?”, Pipper was even more wordless than before, “no, actually, she passed away a while back”, Marissa put an arm around her, “then why did you think I was her?” Pipper started walking, “I thought I saw her, she wanted me to follow her this way” she showed Marissa the way she'd been walking, “then maybe we should go, who knows, maybe she wants to help us”, this made Pipper feel comfortable, she was sure Marissa would have thought her to be crazy.



----------Flash back------------



Marissa was running out of a house screaming, "I hate you! Your'e just like her, you only care about yourself" she turned around and saw the woman she'd been talking about sitting in a cab, "get me out of here" she jumped in the cab and left with her mom.



"why are you here?" Marissa asked viciously, Julie looked at her with sad eyes, I have bad news, Marissa just looked out the window, "What could you say to make my life even more miserable?", Julie still looked at her sadly, "I came to take you home"

 Marissa scuffed "and why is that?", Julie handed her a newspaper article and Marissa began to read but suddenly burst into tears, it can’t be true, it can’t be, they’re alive, I know they are!” Julie jugged her daughter, “Sandy and Kirsten are having a memorial service, I thought you’d want to be there”







Scott, Kate and Sayid were walking through the jungle when they heard a rustling sound on some bushes to their side, Kate pointed the gun towards the bushes and they waited for whatever was behind them to come out, but what came out they never would have expected, Charlie fell with his back to the ground and Rogue fell on top of him without unlinking their mouths, apparently Rogue was enjoying being powerless.



“Oh, hi guys! What are you doing” she said gasping for air when she realized they weren't alone, “I could ask you the same thing” Scott gave her a stern look, “we were just…” Charlie was looking at them upside down, “never mind that” Rogue changed the subject, “where are you going”.



“Go back to the beach!” Scott said firmly, "I'll explain everything later".



"Why don't you do it now hotshot?", Sawyer and Bree were standing behind him.






“so how far should we have to go?” Marissa asked Pipper, but she was to tangled up in thought to answer, Marissa began to ask again but suddenly fell silent, “Do you hear that?” Marissa’s face had changed from glum and tired in to one of happiness, “Yeah, I do!” Pipper was glad to hear that sound, they both ran until they came to a series of caves carved into a smooth rock surface, and through them a small creek was flowing softly.



They quickly sat down by the stream and began drinking, “Wait till we tell the others what we found!” Pipper was laughing, “This will do until we get rescued!” they both fell silent, they knew that with each day gone by, the odds of being found grew smaller.






“We’re almost there” Sayid was helping the everyone get over a ledge, no matter how hard Scott had tried to make them return to the beach they wouldn’t budge, they all wanted to hear the transmission that would send them home.



Charlie was walking next to Rogue, “So I take it you wanna be a groupie now?” Rogue smiled but didn’t say anything, she just kept on walking. “So doll? I didn’t think you’d be the adventurous type” Sawyer spoke to Bree who didn’t even look at him but answered, “Well, You don’t know me” she turned around to face him “nor, will you get the chance to do so” she turned around and continued walking quietly.



“This should be a nice spot” Sayid said taking out the transmitter, “then lets get ourselves out of this island” Scott said walking up next to him. Sayid turned the transmitter on and as soon as he turned it on he received a transmission, a man was speaking on a radio, “someone else is transmitting” Sayid told the rest, “the rescue team, It’s got to be them!” Charlie shouted joyfully.



“We are the survivors of the Oceanic flight 815; do you copy?” but the man on the other end of the radio kept talking as if he hadn’t heard him, they became quiet as to listen to what the man was saying but the message was full of static.



Iteration 253441



Help! …….…..a storm……..….Summer Breeze……....shipwrecked….………friend is injured…….…attacked………..surrounded…...no escape!...........Help!



Iteration 253442



Help! …….…..a storm……..….Summer Breeze……....shipwrecked….………friend is injured…….…attacked………..surrounded…...no escape………



The batteries died and everything became quiet, “What was that?” Charlie asked immediately. “It was a recording, it’s been repeating itself for quite a while now” Sayid answered “but where did it come from?” Bree asked, “The message said they’d been shipwrecked, so it must be from somewhere on the island” Rogue unconsciously took Charlie’s hand and he blushed but no one seemed to notice, “How long has it been playing?” she asked.



“Well the numbers are the times it has repeated itself and it is roughly 30 seconds long so…” sayid began doing the math in his head, “Hey; don’t forget to carry the one chief!” Sawyer said but then saw the gun Kate had on her waist. “I got it, the message has been playing for about 88 days” Sayid finished.



“That’s almost three months! Those people could still be here!” Rogue noticed she had been taking Charlie’s hand and let go, Charlie blushed again, “in case you didn’t hear forelock; they were attacked by something and they had no way to escape”. Rogue tried to go on “but…” and Sayid cut her of, “whether they are or not on this island can wait, we have no more batteries and even if we did, as long as that transmission keeps playing, we won’t be able to get a signal out”



“That’s not all, we must not tell anyone know what happened here, we don’t want anyone to panic if we don’t know the true nature of that transmission” Scott spoke for the first time in a long while, “I agree” said sawyer walking towards Kate, “but I believe I should be the one to keep this little toy” he came up to Kate and took the gun from her belt.



“Scott! The injured man was a federal agent; he could have been taking this guy back to arrest him!” Kate shouted and Scott quickly jumped over Sawyer and wrestled him to the ground, the gun falling to the ground in front of them.



Kate was about to pick up the gun but Bree beat her to it, “I was in the National rifle association, I think I should keep this until none of you are trying to kill each other, how’s that sound?” Scott got up and began trying to clean himself up, “fine by me, at least you have experience”



Sayid looked up at the sky, “we should hurry, we don’t want to be out when night falls”



--------------Flash back------------------



Rogue was reading by the pool on the X-mansion when a crow came swooping down and transformed right in front of her, “what do you want?” Rogue asked coldly. Mystique hurried to her side, “Destiny! She’s has seen something terrible happen to you! She was so scared she wouldn’t talk about it, she asked me to tell you not to go anywhere; you are in great danger!”



 Rogue got up and began to walk in to towards the mansion, “then she should have seen that I wouldn’t believe a word you say, besides I’m in danger almost everyday” Mystique wanted to go on, “but…?”



“Goodbye!” she said slamming the door behind her.






The sun was starting to set and they still weren’t close to the beach, even though they weren’t running, they were walking as fast as they could. Rogue was walking as fast as she could until a warthog ran past her and caused her to trip.



“Did you see that?” she asked, trying to make everyone see that she wasn’t clumsy that it wasn’t her fault, “Yes, I did but warthogs do not go around tackling people, it was running from something”  Sayid had barely said this when a rustling sound came some overgrown grass, something was running towards them at great speed, “Run!” Scott shouted and everyone did as he said except for one person, Bree took out the gun and aimed it straight in to the grass, “Run!” Scott shouted again and began to run back for her but Bree stood there, aiming straight forward without blinking, whatever it was the thing kept getting closer and closer, and right when it reached the clearing before Bree, something jumped at her, Bree shot only one bullet and the beast fell dead on to the ground, everyone huddled around the beast, there laying on the ground before them was the dead body of a Velociraptor.



Charlie looked up at the people by his side, “Where the bloody hell are we?”



To be continued…






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