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(fic)Oceanic Passengers (PG-13)
by a205204 (a205204)
at August 23rd, 2007 (10:12 am)

Title: Oceanic Passengers

Fandom: Lost, Charmed, Desperate House wives, Jake 2.0, Smallville, the oc, x-men,  Supernatural.

Author: a205204

Disclaimer: None of them are mine, just a fan.

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie, Lock, Pipper, Wyatt, Chris, Bree, Gaby, Carlos, Clark, Chloe, Jake Foley, Scott Summers, Alex Summers, Rogue, Marissa, Julie, Sam, Dean.

Summary: Flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines crashes on a mysterious island, but some people were not supposed to be on that plane, will they be able to escape if they can't use their powers?, read to find out.

This is my first Fanfic, so I hope you like it and please post a commentary!

Warning: Character death



Scott Summers woke up, he was dizzy, he wasn't sure where he was, he remembered being on a plane to L.A. But now he was laying there, in some sort of jungle, then he realized he wasn’t wearing his glasses, he got up and started looking for them, but then he heard noises, loud mechanic noises and screams, people yelling and shouting, that's when he realized what had happened.


He gave up looking for his glasses and began to run towards the noise, he kept running until he came to a beach and saw what he had feared, the plane had crashed, he was sure it was on an island for they had been flying over the Pacific Ocean.


People were running everywhere, to his right he saw a girl screaming her lungs out, then he saw two men trying to pull a man from under a heap of metal, he rushed over to help them pull him out. As soon as they had pulled him out a man came to his side, "Jack Sheppard! I'm a doctor!, let me see him".


Scott let the man through, and then ran away to save someone else, a woman was comforting the girl that had been screaming, he saw a pregnant woman with a child on her hands talking to a man next to her. Piper was screaming over the loud noise the fuselage was making, "Can't you do anything?"

"I'm sorry, I tried but it doesn't seem to work, maybe Wyatt can!" he said while pulling Wyatt up in his arms,


Scott walked up to them, and they fell silent, "Are you all right?" he asked looking at Piper but Chris answered before she could, "Yeah! She is!" Piper looked at him angrily then looked back at Scott, "No I'm not!, but the baby seems to be fine, I'm just a little bit shaken up"


"There was a doctor around here; I'll tell him to come see you" he started to look for Jack but Chris interrupted him, “No!" and Piper added, "I'm fine! He should see the injured ones first" Scott turned around, "Ok then, but still, you should get away, the smoke could be toxic"

"Thank you, we will" Piper said as she started to get up.


Scott saw a man carrying a blonde girl on his arms then he heard a loud cracking noise, a piece of the wing above them was giving in and was about to fall above them, "Run!" He shouted and pointed above them. Clark looked up and saw the dangling metal, he began to run but tripped and fell to the ground, a muscled Latin man helped him up and a bald man grabbed Chloe and took her to safety, Clark ran after him and helped him put her down by a tree, she was unconscious, but alive.


Scott spent the next hour yelling and shouting trying to get everyone out of the fuselage and on to safety. When he  had finally stopped running everyone who was still alive had been sent to a safe place far from the fuselage.


He saw his brother, he was talking to Rogue, he walked in to the jungle to a quieter site and took of his shirt, he could feel his back burn when the sweat hit an open wound, he tore off part of his pants to make a bandage but was unable to make it reach the part of his back where the wound was bleeding, then he heard someone coming and shouted, "Is anybody there?"


No one answered but after a few seconds a woman appeared from out of the bushes, “Can you help me out?, I need to place a bandage over this wound” the woman didn't say anything; she just took the fabric and began to wrap it around his waist, "Thanks, name's Scott by the way, Scott Summers" the woman finished placing the bandage, "Kate Austen" Scott got up and gave her a hand shake, "Well then, thanks Kate"


They both returned to the beach where everybody else was talking and shouting, "What's going on here?" his brother Alex answered him, "I think we should go back to the fuselage, If anyone comes looking for us, that's where they'll expect to find us".


An Iraqi man came up to them, "It is too dangerous to go back, the Humes emanating from the fuselage could be toxic, not to mention the whole thing could blow up, what do you think?" Scott was surprised by these question, "Why do you care what I think?"


The man turned around and pointed at the crowd standing around them, "As you can see, we are in need of a leader, and from what I saw an hour ago, you have experience as one".


A blonde man came out from the crowd, "Why should we listen to what saddam here has to say, as far as I know he could be the reason where stuck in this mess, he could of been the one who..."


"We are not going to start blaming anyone, especially not with out any reason" Scott shouted so that everyone heard him, "Now, if you want a leader, I would be glad to, but I think we should take a vote on it"


The Iraqi man shouted "fine then, anybody here besides hum" he looked back at scott who understood what that look meant, "Scott!"

"Anybody besides Scott want to be leader?" the whole crowd was quiet, the man turned to Scott, "Then It is decided; now you must decide, what we shall do?"

Scott stopped to think then shouted so everyone could hear him, "We will go back, we'll go back to look for food, water, blankets, and everything we could need to survive here until the rescue teams show up" and so everyone set of to gather what could be useful, by nightfall they had already set up a camp with fires burning everywhere in hope that a rescue team would see them.




"Thanks for keeping me safe, if it weren't for you I would have died when the plane crashed." Chloe said while covering her arms up with a blanket, "Your welcome, only, I almost got us killed, I tried to use my super speed but I couldn't, I tripped, if it hadn't been for mr. Solis and that bald man, we would be dead" Clark felt awkward his powers had failed him and he had almost himself and Chloe.

Chloe got up and sat down next to Clark, she didn’t want to take the risk that someone might be listening in on their conversation, "What do you mean you couldn't run, are you saying your...?" but Clark didn’t let her finish, "Normal"


"Are you sure you can't orb?" she continued asking Chris, "Positive!" he told her for the hundredth time, "I tried calling for Leo, it's no use, he can’t hear me" she continued. Chris turned to where Wyatt was sleeping, "At least Wyatt's with us, we can protect him from whoever wants to kill him here" now Piper too was looking at Wyatt, "I'm not so sure, I can't seem to freeze anything; we'll just have to hope nothing happens"




"Don't worry Marissa; I'm sure we'll be rescued pretty soon" Julie said trying to place an arm around her daughter’s shoulder, but Marissa scotched away "who cares, Ryan and Seth are dead, Dad never wants to see me again and I'm stuck on an island with you!" Julie tried getting closer to her daughter again, “Marissa, don't say that, you still have your friend Summer, and who knows, maybe..." Marissa got up and started shouting at her "Stop it! alright, just don't, please don't" she began to sob then left to look for another campfire.


Dean: "So Sam? What do you think,  is this one of our cases, did something bring the plane down  or is it just, you know… normal" Sam was eating an apple, but answered when he finished chewing "I don't know, I mean, I didn't nothing unusual when the plane started go down but... you never know"




Gaby was hugging Carlos and he was holding on to her tightly, "Carlos, I'm scared and tired and hungry and why did your cousin have to get married in Sidney, I'm sorry I dragged you in to this Bree, If I hadn't asked you to come right now you would be happy at home" Bree didn’t want to make her feel bad but also didn’t want to tell her the reason she had wanted to come, "I would be even more troubled knowing that my friend had been in a plane crash and not knowing if she was injured or dead" she answered politely.


Carlos let go of Gaby, "honey, There's nothing to worry about, we'll be seeing choppers over our heads in no time" but she didn’t seem to sure to believe him, "I hope so; this Island gives me the creeps" Bree smiled, "There's nothing to be scared of, relax, right now where in a tropical paradise full of...."



The forest began to move as the tree tops tumbled and fell by something that made a screeching sound, everyone came to their feet trying to see what was making that noise.


Gaby turned around to face her friend, "Full of what Bree?"


Marissa stepped back on to her mother’s side "Mom? What is that?"


Sam looked at Dean "maybe not that normal!"


Pipper grabbed Wyatt who didn’t even notice it, "how do you vanquish that?"


Rogue walked up to Scott and Alex, "That's no sentinel"


Chloe grabbed Clark’s hand, "Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore!"



No one slept for more than an hour that night, by morning everyone was anxious and angry, "Everyone is nervous about last night Scott; they all want to know what that thing was" Scott was tired, he hadn’t slept all night, "Well, bad news, I know as much as everyone else", he grabbed a couple of dry branches, "Hey you, Sam right?" he handed some of the branches to him, "Yeah" Sam answered, "Listen I want you and you hum." He pointed at a young man sitting next to them, "Jake, Jake Foley" Scott looked pleased at the eagerness to follow instructions the man showed, "Well, I want you two to keep feeding the fires, don't let them extinguish", he handed him the rest of the branches.


"As I was saying, we need to give this people a little hope of rescue or will have serious trouble" Sayid told him, Scott was still a bit grumpy although the man’s eagerness had lifted up his mood a bit, "I said I would help make decisions, I can't give them false hope" Sayid smiled, "well you don't have to, I have an Idea, if we could find the plane's cockpit there should be a transmitter we can use to contact the search parties and shorten our stay"


Scott turned to see the jungle then the sea, "But how do we find the cockpit, the plane broke in midair, it could be miles from here underwater". Kate had been eavesdropping on them, "I think I know where it is!" Scott turned to face her, "when I woke up I was on the beach, and when I got up, the first thing I saw was smoke on the jungle, I think I can find the place it was coming from, and with any luck, I think it could e the front of the plane"


Scott wanted everyone to stay clear of the jungle he was sure what they had seen the night before would be dangerous and didn’t want to risk anyone, "It's too risky!" Kate got closer to him, "It's our only chance!"


Scott stopped to think about it but knew they were right, it could be their only chance, "Fine you win, Sayid, I want you to set up a team, were going into the jungle".


An hour later they were set and ready to go, "All right, who’s coming?" Scott asked "you already know Jack and Kate, this lady here is ..." Sayid turned to see a young woman, "Rogue! She’s a friend of mine, she was with me and my brother on the plane" Scott answered, "Then you approve she should come?" Sayid said not sure if she could handle it, "Trust me, she's quite tougher than she looks"


"Well then, shall we leave?" Sayid started walking but Scott grabbed his shoulder, "Not you my friend, we need you to operate the transmitter, I don't want anything happening to you, besides someone has to take charge here while I’m gone" Sayid looked back at the people on the beach, "Very well, I shall stay but be careful, and come back safely"


Scott turned to face the jungle, "ok, then it's time to get going, Kate, lead the way" but someone was running towards them from the beach, “Wait!, Wait for me!"


The man came up to Scott, "Charlie, Charlie Pace; I want to come!" Scott didn’t want to wait any longer he wanted to get over with this as quick as possible, "all right Charlie, you can come"


And so they set off through the jungle, looking for their key to get back home, "Aren't you hot?" Charlie asked Rogue, "Excuse me?" Charlie blushed, "Sorry, what I meant is, why are you wearing a sweater at noon on a tropical island, don't you get hot in there?" Rogue took a few seconds to think of her explanation, "You see, I have sensible skin, I get allergies pretty quickly, although they seem to be getting better since we've been on the island" Charlie smiled at her, "must be the moisture" Rogue was glad to end that theme of conversation, "yeah, must be", she sighed.


They had been walking for what seemed like hours when they saw it, leaning against a huge tree was the plane's cockpit, they all went inside, but it wasn't what they had espected, several dead bodies were sitting on their seats with their seatbelt on, Scott, Jack and Kate entered the captains booth while the others waited outside. “ Sayid said it was supposed to look like a small black box" Scott said as they were searching for it.


"I’m sorry!" a voice came from behind them, "The pilot, he's alive!" Kate shouted, "I..., I'm sorry, this is all my fault, I..." Jack started checking his vital signs, "Don't speak, everything is going to be ok, the rescue teams will be here any minute" the pilot shook his head, "No they won't, they don't know were here"


"What do you mean they don't know?" Scott asked, "We lost communications while we were in the air, procedure is to head to the nearest airport, we turned north; they're looking for us in the wrong place" Scott remembered what they had come for, "The radio transmitter!" the pilot shook his head again, "I've already tried, it's broken" Scott looked at him straight in the eye, ”where is it?" the pilot reaced for something from under his seat, "Here" he handed Scott the transmitter.

:" (&%#$%&()&%&((/&%"

The plane started shaking and they could hear the strange noises from the night before.



Rogue was looking at the deceased passengers when the plane started shaking, Charlie came running out of the bathroom, "what's happening?" Rogue started walking to him, "where were you...whoa" Rogue tripped and fell on to Charlie and pushed him back into the bathroom.


"what was that?" the pilot asked, "we don't know" Kate said trying to look out the window.



"We have to get out of here!, Quickly!" Scott yelled, Suddenly something pulled the pilot out of the window, "RUN!" shouted Scott.

Rogue and Charlie were coming out of the bathroom when Jack, Kate and finally Scott passed running, accidentally pushing the door and knocking them back, Rogue fell and landed cheek to cheek with Charlie, she couldn't believe Charlie was still conscious, she had suspected she had lost her powers like Scott but didn't want to risk someone just prove her theory.


Something fell from Charlie’s pocket, he quickly turned around to grab it but he accidentally pushed a button with the word flush on it and the white bag that he had dropped started spinning out of sight, "Damn it!" Charlie cursed.


Kate, Jack and Scott ran out of the plane, Scott turned around and saw Rogue and Charlie following them, "RUN!" he shouted.



The thing making the noise was following them, "Split up!" Jack shouted, Kate turned to her right and hid under some bushes, Rogue and Charlie turned left, and Jack and Scott kept running forward, Scott turned to his right and stood behind a tree trunk.



The loud noises continued for a few minutes then everything became quiet, Kate started walking and pretty soon she ran into Charlie and Rougue who were stering at something above them, she walked up to them and noticed what they were looking at.


Scott walked up to them, "Is everyone all right? where is Jack?" Charlie turned around then pointed at the tree before them; There on the tree top, hanging on broken branches lay the dead body of Dr. Sheppard.

--------Flash back--------------------


Rogue came through the X-mansion's front door, the mansion was empty, everyone was off on their summer vacation, she walked into the living room where Scott was reading, "this is boring, I can't wait for summer to be over, there’s nothing to do here when there's no one else" Scott looked up from his book, "You could train in the danger room!"

"Yeah right" she scuffed. Scott closed his book, "Alex entered a big surf contest in Australia, it's gonna be in a couple of months, I was thinking of going to cheer him, want to come?" Rogue smiled, "anything to get out of this place!"




"It’s not your fault Scott, don't be so hard on your self" Scott was walking so fast he was almost running, “how could I be so stupid, bringing the doctor with us!, I knew this was a dangerous mission!".

 "And so did he! we all did, we new what we were risking, he wanted to come and I don't think you could have stopped him" Kate added trying to make him feel better, they were arriving to the beach, everyone fell quiet, they could all guess what had happened and why Jack was not with them.


To be Continued...

Hope you liked it, please post comments.